James Caan: Three Questions Job-Seekers Should Ask at Interview

James Caan: Three Questions Job-Seekers Should Ask at Interview

Following the recent launch of the BCA Jobs Board, a new online career service to help BCA Members find and recruit industry talent, we tap into the vast experience of serial entrepreneur James Caan to help candidates ask the right questions at interview.

Yes, that's the candidate asking questions, not just the interviewer. According to Caan, he has always been more impressed by candidates that ask questions. "The process should never be one sided - you need to take control," he said, according to an insightful article from Hamilton Bradshaw Careers. "The best way of doing this is to ask as many questions as the interviewer does."

Caan believes that there are three key questions candidates should always ask at interview, as this will help them to stand out from the crowd. These are:

1) What qualities are you looking for in the person you are hoping to appoint?
Asking the interviewer this question directly will help to establish the key skills and experience that they are looking for. With those qualities fresh in your mind, you can use this as a springboard to explain how you fulfil those requirements, and therefore why you're an ideal candidate for the role.

2) What scope is there for personal development at your company?
This speaks volumes about your ambition. "It is important to show any prospective employee that you are the type of person who is ambitious and is looking to move their career forward," says Caan. This style of question shows that you are not the type of person to "coast", which is especially important in a similarly ambitious company.

3) Is there anything you have seen in the other people on the shortlist that you have not seen in me?
"This is a great question to throw into the mix," says Caan. Ideally, ask this question as the interview is drawing to a close. Caan has been at the receiving end of this question and it appears he was lost for words: "I had to smile because it left me with nowhere to go," he said. "As well as turning the tables on the panel it is also a great way of gauging just how well or how badly you have performed throughout the course of the selection process." Caan says it is not without risk, as the answer might not be the one you want to hear. But for those prepared to take risks, it could well pay off.

Of course, in addition to these questions, candidates must be well prepared. You should thoroughly research your potential role and the company with which you are applying to work, and try to build this into your interview answers (and questions!) wherever possible.

What other tips or hints can you offer prospective candidates? What interview successes (or blunders) have you experienced in the past? Share your thoughts using the comment box below.

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Original article written by James Caan of Hamilton Bradshaw Careers, via LinkedIn.

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