It's Another Record Breaking Year for UK Business Startups

It's Another Record Breaking Year for UK Business Startups

Startup businessThis time last year, the UK business community was celebrating a major milestone.

Over half a million new startup businesses had been registered by the end of 2013 - a new British record. It was hailed as a sure sign that entrepreneurial spirit was alive and kicking, and the UK economy was well on its way to a strong recovery.

And as the latest figures from StartUp Britain show, the good news is still coming.

The organisation's online StartUp Tracker shows that over 569,200 new businesses have now been registered in 2014 (as of 18th December 2014), smashing last year's record by almost 43,000. And there's still time for that figure to climb even higher.

"Entrepreneurial spirit within Britain continues to grow," said Matt Smith, director of the Centre for Entrepreneurs, speaking last month. "We have the third lowest startup costs in the world, we're ranked eighth in the world for the ease of doing business and we have the fastest growing economy in the G7 - all of which proves that there is no better time or place to start a business."

Essential support

What should certainly be included in Matt's sentiment is that Britain also has some of the world's best range of flexible workspace, offering essential support and service amenities for startup businesses.

As revealed in the BCA's 2014 Business Centre Market report, the serviced office sector in the UK alone represents around one third of the global industry, accommodating around 80,000 businesses and 400,000 people.

The sheer scale and size of the UK market demonstrates just how much businesses - particularly startups - rely on flexible workspace to help them thrive and grow. Pivotal to this is the ability with which clients can move in, upscale and move on, without high capital outlays and lengthy contractual leases.

Justin Urquhart-Stewart, BCA Report launchSpeaking during the BCA's launch of the report, Justin Urquhart-Stewart of Seven Investment Management describes flexible workspace as a "crucial pillar", allowing companies to "flex their growth according to demand, need and cost."

Employee engagement

In addition to this there are many different factors that constitute a supportive workspace that's conducive to business success. Perhaps chief among them is the operator's ability to create a space that is both engaging and inspiring.

As we learned from award-winning speaker and coach Marcus Child at BCA Conference 2013, employee engagement and positivity at work are among the most fundamental - yet the most overlooked - elements of developing a successful business.

Gallup's State of the Workplace Report shows that just 13% of employees are actively engaged in their jobs. As Marcus explained, this minority are the ones really driving the business forward - they're committed, innovative, and they're most likely to make positive contributions to their companies.

In contrast, actively disengaged employees generate obstacles that can actually hinder business growth and job prospects.

Stimulating environment

Of course, the workplace environment has a major p

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