How Flexible Storage Helps Small Businesses Take Back their Office Space

LOVESPACE officeGuest post from LOVESPACE:

Since launching LOVESPACE,the UK’s first storage-by-the box company, we have seen a surprising trend amongst our business customers.

At the start, we expected that business customers would mainly use our service to store archive boxes due to the large number of files that need to be kept for legal reasons.

But although approximately half of our business customers do use us for archiving purposes, the other half now use LOVESPACE in a much more interesting way (sorry, archiving fans) – as a unique kind of logistics partner for their growing companies.

Have an office that looks like an office, not a warehouse

As a startup ourselves, we understand what it’s like to start a business from a tiny office in London.

You want to get the most possible use out of your space, but you also want a pleasant working environment that doesn’t involve tripping over boxes, and an office that doesn’t cause blushes of embarrassment when visitors turn up.

We have tailored our storage service to provide the solution to these problems. Here are some of the ways in which our customers make the most of LOVESPACE:

Instead of just storing archive boxes with us, hundreds of companies now use LOVESPACE to store a wide range of items from marketing collateral and promotional merchandise to samples and office furniture.

We collect these things from their offices for free, store them securely, and then return them whenever needed – to any location in the UK.

If you’re that one person in the office who happens to own a car in London and always gets roped in to transporting stuff from place to place, this will be music to your ears.

LOVESPACE will do all the heavy lifting for you, with no need to have boxes cluttering up your office in between events. And it’s just a fraction of the cost of what you would pay for the extra floor space in your office.

And don’t have a warehouse at all!

LOVESPACE also acts as a logistics partner for many startups - storing their stock for direct delivery to customers and cutting out the need to use the postal service altogether.

Outsourcing operations to LOVESPACE in this way is also particularly useful for growing businesses that might have to move offices several times.

It is a gamble to commit to a storage unit down the road from your office if you might be in a completely different location in a few months’ time, but with LOVESPACE it doesn’t matter – your stock can be delivered next day, anywhere in the UK.

Just like the flexible workspace industry, LOVESPACE business customers span a wide range of industries and markets - from lingerie companies to aqua aerobics instructors - and everyone inbetween! We'd love to know how you're using LOVESPACE in your business centre to help your clients regain their valuable office space. Why not let us know in the comments below or on Twitter?

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