How Coworking is Redefining the Way We Work

How Coworking is Redefining the Way We Work

More flexible workspace members than ever before are introducing coworking to meet growing demand from organisations right across the business spectrum - large, small, local, global, freelance and mobile. This style of workspace isn't just shaking up the commercial property market - it's redefining the way we work.

The past few years have seen explosive growth in both demand and supply of coworking spaces.

It's still a relatively young market, but its evolution can be closely aligned with the fast-paced development of mobile technology and devices. This is a trend that has increasingly allowed business owners and employees to work outside the office, connecting from remote locations and staying productive while they're doing it.

The really exciting thing is that this trend is set to intensify. Consider this: the International Data Corporation (IDC) predicts that by 2015, 1.3 billion people will work remotely using mobile technology - that's 37.2% of the global workforce. And flexible workspace - especially coworking - will play a huge part in that phenomenon.

Flexible working

Small and large businesses alike are beginning to appreciate that workers' needs are changing, and the solutions to those needs - such as flexible working - can in turn offer some quite significant advantages. Study after study shows that greater flexibility at work leads to a happier and more motivated team, higher productivity levels and a more efficient use of workspace.

It's all about becoming more flexible, more agile, and more collaborative.

In place of long-term, rigid office leases and fixed desk policies, more companies are turning to community-driven space with shared desks that offer an infinitely more creative and inspirational environment.

And it's not just start-ups and freelancers who value this business environment. Large corporates and multi-nationals including Google, Vodafone, P&G & Accenture are making the transition, leading to reduced overhead costs, higher employee morale and improved business performance. Read more about Vodafone's shift to a more flexible, collaborative workplace on the BCA blog.

Diverse space

The business centre and flexible workspace community is embracing the coworking concept, and introducing a diverse range of collaborative workspace to suit their clients' needs. Among them, Workspace Group Plc operates a prosperous standalone coworking concept, Club Workspace, while other brands like Newcastle Business Village and Fife's Liberty Business Centres (pictured) have successfully integrated coworking into their flexible workspace portfolio.

It's all part of a global, cultural shift and the flexible workspace industry - led by the BCA - is at the forefront of this transition.

As such, the BCA is leading the way in promoting a common standard of excellence across coworking communities. We lead the way in setting industry standards and encouraging excellence across the network, setting our members apart by their clear commitment to professional and ethical standards and service.

Coworking is fuelling the 'work anywhere' generation and is redefining the way we work, offering a flexible, collaborative and more positive workplace solution for workers across all walks of business life. Contact the BCA for more information about being a member, or search online for coworking spaces here.

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