How a good NAP improves your Google rankings

How a good NAP improves your Google rankings

This simple tip can help improve your search engine rankings. By NAP I don’t mean you should take 40 winks - sorry you cannot sleep your way to the top (or so I’m told).

N.A.P actually stands for business Name, Address and Phone number.

How does that affect your rankings? Well It is all about standardisation.

Google (and the other major search engines) cross-references data about your business from a wide-variety of sources (including your website, Google Places and Yell listings and your LinkedIn company profile etc...)

Back in the old telephone exchange days humans were employed to ensure a caller got put through to the right person or company. Whilst it might be amusing to think of Google employing millions of geeks manually linking searchers with the information they require... sadly the process is 100% automated... and yes you’ve guessed it, that’s why standardising your N.A.P is so important.

Let me give you an example of one business and two similar but different N.A.Ps

Joe Bloggs Business Centre
Trinity House
36 Main Street
T: +44 (0) 20 7653 7373

J B Business Centres
36 Main St
South London
T: 020 7653 7373

Did you spot all 8 differences?
Now to a human eye it’s clear that these two N.A.Ps represent the same business but a search engine might struggle to make that assumption.

Therefore if you want the search engines to collate and display accurate information about your business you need to:

- Decide on a standard N.A.P
- Use the same N.A.P everywhere - both on- and off-line

Take a look at your business centre listing on Yell (or any other directory) and see whether your N.A.P matches the version displayed on your own website. If not ask them to change it.

Don’t panic if you are unable to get a site to update your details. Just concentrate on those that will.

How will this help improve your rankings? Google is increasingly focused on providing high quality local search results. A standardised N.A.P makes it easy for them to link a wide range of citations about your business which in turn increases your overall online presence.

James Fairlie of SupersizedSEO is a freelance search engine optimisation and online marketing expert who has worked in the serviced office sector for the last 9 years.

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