Flexible workspace in 2017: Off to a flying start!

Flexible workspace in 2017: Off to a flying start!

Most people spend a large part of their day, most days of the week, for many, many years of their lives, in an office. Their co-workers play a vital role in their life. They help each other, work together, generate innovative ideas together. Friendships are forged and new enterprises developed and nurtured. 

Community is a key part of any workspace.  The flexible workplace sector understands just how important that is and is placed in a unique position to grow dynamic communities and help to increase workplace productivity and contentment. 

As workplace happiness is becoming more and more important to attract great employees and keep them engaged, the flexible workspace industry leads the way in showing just how to start thinking about your workplace and team as a community, not just an office full of individuals.


Founded in 2000, with one site, BizSpace now has 98 sites throughout England and Scotland: a mixture of business centres, industrial estates and business parks.

Bizspace have gone from strength to strength, crowning 2016 by winning the BCA Workspace of the Year’ at the BCA annual industry awards held on 25th November 2016.

Describing why he thought that Bizspace in Oldham, Hollinwood had won ‘Workspace of the Year’, Walter Urquhart said:

‘There is a feeling of community, my customers have a terrific heart and you can always find a smile. It’s a large site with many diverse businesses of varying sizes. The reception and conference area is the central part of the site, it’s a place where people come and meet. But just as important, is how our customers feel and every day we try to make our customers feel special and we work hard to keep it that way.’

Bizspace has also recently established itself as ‘master of microbusiness’.     

Last month they unveiled their new branding, designed to appeal to and inspire its core market of start-ups and microbusinesses.

The brand has been created after five years of internal development of the company’s values and vision, focusing on the celebration of its customers – a process which all staff have been involved with.  BizSpace’s ethos is to act as a ‘silent partner’ to its customers, offering support and guidance when needed and allowing companies the facilities and structure to be able to grow and develop.

Bizspace are not alone in demonstrating their understanding of their client’s needs, but they have gone that extra mile to ensure their delivery is second to none.

And now BizSpace adds award-winning Basingstoke centre  to its portfolio

The Flexible workspace provider acquired the 118,000 sq ft Belvedere House in Basingstoke.

Belvedere House is already home to a number of businesses including charities and large corporates.  The site has won design awards in recognition of its architectural style, particularly for the combination of offices with roof gardens and courtyards.

Richard Macartney, the firm’s head of acquisitions, added:

“This is an exciting purchase for BizSpace.  Basingstoke is extremely well located and a perfect location to create the foundations of our Hampshire hub.”

The BCA is enormously proud of the achievements of its members and looks forward to hearing about many more during 2017.  Watch this space for more features on our amazing workplace community throughout the coming year!

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