Citibase Trials Innovative Open Air Office Concept

Citibase Trials Innovative Open Air Office Concept

Never one to shy away from bright ideas, BCA Member and established flexible workspace operator Citibase Plc is determined to remain under the innovation spotlight (or is that sunlight?)

Following up on its innovative pop-up business centre scheme and its agile customisable work 'pods', Citibase is taking things a step further by raising the roof on workplace flexibility. Quite literally, in fact.

This morning, Friday 1st April, Citibase announced a tantalising glimpse into their latest development:

"Citibase is pleased to reveal new open-air serviced offices will be coming soon!"

Whilst it remains to be seen whether this new serviced office concept will come with Umbrellas-as-a-Service or perhaps even a new trademark - Waterproof Workstations - this is yet another positive step forwards for Citibase and the flexible workspace sector as a whole.

Citibase open air office 1

Citibase open air office 2

Citibase open air office 3

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