Bizspace Introduces Coworking to UK Business Centres

Bizspace Introduces Coworking to UK Business Centres

As the coworking revolution marches on, freeing frustrated home-workers and entrepreneurs from the confines of the office, growing numbers of flexible coworking spaces are springing up in business centre locations all over the UK.

As we've explored on the blog in recent weeks, the flexible workspace industry is enormously versatile. As a long-established flexible workspace operator, Bizspace itself offers a diverse range of business accommodation including storage, industrial, workshop and light manufacturing space, and coworking is the newest form of workspace to join the Bizspace brand.

Known as the Work Lounge, this shared space will provide an informal business environment for small businesses and entrepreneurs who don't need their own space on a full-time basis.

"The Work Lounge will give business people who would normally work alone a great place to work and network with others," said Emma Long, Sales & Marketing Director at Bizspace. "We understand that many start-up business owners and self-employed workers cannot afford the financial commitment of renting full-time office space. We have designed The Work Lounge to be completely flexible and our customers can pay either on an hourly basis or take out a monthly membership."

Bookings for the coworking space will be managed by NearDesk, a national online coworking network, which simplifies the booking process and enables users to book space online.

The first Work Lounge will be launched in Letchworth, Hertfordshire, with two more Work Lounges planned for Brixton and Manchester. Further coworking spaces will be rolled out under the Bizspace banner at other UK locations next year.

Coworking appeals to businesses for a number of reasons. For home-workers, it offers an affordable escape from the loneliness and solitude of the home office. Coworking spaces are designed to be collaborative and sociable, offering natural networking opportunities and a chance to work alongside like-minded businesspeople. They are therefore often highly inspirational places, where workers can enjoy a more creative environment that's motivational and conducive to higher productivity levels.

Coworking is also deemed affordable, as workers can generally pay a simple monthly membership rate or opt for a pay-as-you-go scheme. Both options are available at the Work Lounge, which includes Wi-Fi and car parking.

Business people, start-ups, mobile workers and travelling professionals are looking for increasingly flexible workspace to suit their 'work anywhere' requirements, and coworking is one solution that answers their needs. It is not just a workspace solution for freelancers or an escape for home-based workers; as we know from BCA Conference 2013, coworking is a lifestyle choice that suits an increasingly wide range of business people, for a variety of reasons, across all walks of business life.

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