Birmingham needs more office space according to new review

Birmingham needs more office space according to new review has launched it's Serviced Office Review Series which draws on the internal data held by The review tracks changes in the market and provides a platform from which providers can assess and measure their own activity.

The 5 key indicators included in each report are:

1. Demand for Office Space
2. Office Space Take Up
3. Workstation Volumes
4. Workstation Price
5. Commitment to Office Space

Some of the key facts:

  • Birmingham City Centre has been identified as requiring more office space in the opening three months of 2011

  • Comparing the uptake across the City Centre it also finds reveals that average workstation requirements have risen from 3.3 workstations in Q1 2010 to 9.5 workstations by the close of Q1 11

  • While workstation requirements have increased, the number of individual businesses entering serviced office space in Birmingham City Centre has reduced - with 16% fewer businesses entering space compared to the same period in 2010

  • Workstation prices have decreased, falling from a Q1 2010 average of £213.00 to £170.00 in Q1 2011

  • License lengths being committed to by new serviced office based businesses remained unchanged at 9 months

The City Focus: Birmingham Q1 2011 report is 1 of 7 city centre markets explored in the Serviced Office Review Series published since January 2010.

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