BCA Roadshows for Growth: How to Make a Meaningful Start to 2015

BCA Roadshows for Growth: How to Make a Meaningful Start to 2015

Making business connectionsAre you planning big in 2015? Sometimes, the smallest changes can influence the biggest outcomes - and the BCA's Roadshow For Growth programme is giving member operators all over the UK the tools to access enormous business opportunities.

Let's put a number on what the BCA considers an "enormous" opportunity.

The Roadshow For Growth programme is working with official government initiatives and is linked with a number of select business networks. Through this exclusive access, the BCA Roadshow project is now connected with around two million SMEs in the UK.

These businesses, which range from startups to expanding medium-sized firms, need workspace in one form or another. They need access to local meeting rooms, day offices, touchdown space and virtual offices. Some will also be looking for more permanent solutions, including serviced and managed workspace.

If BCA Members could connect with just 1% of this network, our industry would engross a further 10,000 prospective clients. Each centre that hosts a Roadshow event stands to benefit by attracting fresh footfall and raising awareness of their services to attendees, as well as to suppliers of the events themselves. That's what we call an enormous opportunity.

Cutting red tape

Through its Roadshow initiative, the BCA has secured access to Government backed programmes for local businesses. This access has involved stripping back layers of red tape and is by no means an easy process - but it's an integral one, and these Roadshows represent two standout advantages:

1. Connecting flexible workspace operators with prospective new customers, helping to increase revenue and expand awareness of our industry;

2. Giving business owners access to key government-backed initiatives with the purpose of maximising potential, fostering growth and supporting the creation of local jobs.

The government support available to local businesses comes in many different forms, including funding for training, specific business advice and financial support packages.

A nationwide programme

Through its series of business roadshows, workspace operators are invited to host events. The first quarter of 2015 sees BCA Roadshows take place at the following UK locations:

- Edinburgh (Thursday 12th February) Regus, Abbey House
- Birmingham (Tuesday 17th February) MSO, 11 Brindley Place
- Bristol (Thursday 26th February) Orega, 10 Victoria Street
- Manchester (Wednesday 11th March) Bruntwood, City Tower

That's just the beginning. After BCA Conference (Q3 2015 onwards), we'll be moving south and focusing on Central and Greater London. So if you're based in the South East, we want to hear from you - register your interest as soon as possible. Remember, this opportunity is only available exclusively to Members and is offered as a unique benefit of BCA Membership.

And of course, we're not just talking about hosting one event. Once you've entered into dialogue with government advisories or attracted business owners to your centre, why not organise further seminars or one-to-one sessions?

The BCA started the ball rolling: now it's up to you to seize the opportunities. Register your interest here and let's start 2015 as we mean to go on.

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