BCA responds rapidly to requests for national Day Office program

BCA responds rapidly to requests for national Day Office program

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At this year’s regional BCA meetings a repeated topic of discussion was large scale Day Office programs and there were many requests for a product that could be accessed by independent business centre operators. Jennifer Brooke, BCA Executive Director, took notice and made it her mission to find a Day Office program that would be suitable for BCA members.

The BCA is pleased to announce an exclusive partnership with Day Office Card in the UK. Day Office Card is the first multi-operator day office program designed specifically for independent business centre operators. Day Office Card is a London based company founded by a small group of business centre veterans. The product was launched simultaneously in the UK and USA this month and the company plans to expand operations into Australasia and Continental Europe over the coming months.

Day Office Card gives business centre operators the ability to sell membership cards that provide access to Day Offices at more than 100 business centre locations in UK. Business centre operators can also submit their vacant offices to be booked & used by Day Office Card members. Both these activities generate fees for the business centre that can add up to a substantial revenue stream.

Matthew Stubbs, Managing Director of Day Office Card points out that "98% of the revenue generated drops straight to the bottom line at centre level. This is because Day Office Card carries all the heavy costs of the program, for example our call centre handles the sale of memberships, the booking of every Day Office and all other member support activities, there is very little organizational work for business centres.”

Brooke comments “The BCA liked the program because it is structured to provide business centre owners with a simple, but profitable model with zero set up costs and minimal ongoing expenditure. This structure makes it quick and easy for members to adopt the Day Office Card program.”

Stubbs says “We plan to have a Day Office Card location in every town in the UK so we are keen to hear from business centre owners of all sizes across the UK who are interested in adopting the Day Office Card program.”

Business centre owners interested in the Day Office Card program should call Matthew Stubbs at Day Office Card on 020 3440 2994 or email

Matthew Stubbs recently provided a podcast at BCA Conference 2011. Have a listen to Matthew and the reaction to the new Day Office Card.

BCA Conference 2011: Matthew Stubbs - DayOfficeCard by Thebca

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