BCA Promotes Business Growth with New UK Roadshows

BCA Promotes Business Growth with New UK Roadshows

regional growth fundLast year was another record-breaking year for business startups.

Not only that, but as we learned from the BCA's UK Business Centre Market report, our industry is worth over £2billion and accommodates some 80,000 businesses in the UK.

But of course, we're not content to stop there.

The BCA intends to build on last year's impressive performance with its 'Roadshow For Growth' - a brand new scheme working in partnership with Government initiatives to benefit both BCA Members and local businesses.

Launching in February 2015, BCA Members have the exclusive opportunity to host Roadshow events and promote their centre to potential new clients. In turn, the events aim to match local businesses with relevant support and funding programmes.

The Roadshows will provide much-needed resources for entrepreneurs and small businesses at all stages in the business lifecycle. Rest assured that no matter where in the UK you are based, the BCA will work with you to promote your business growth.

The schedule for Q1 2015 is as follows:

- Edinburgh – Thursday 12th February

- Birmingham – Tuesday 17th February

- Bristol – Thursday 26th February

- Manchester – Wednesday 11th March

Of course, participating centres won't just attract new prospects to their door. They will also introduce existing clients to vital business support programmes, helping to underpin their growth in the coming years.

Each event will expose both operators and clients to a raft of support opportunities by bringing together suppliers, advisers and external organisations - not to mention the additional networking benefits that come with every event, too.

Why are we doing this? Because we know that with the right environment and tools, businesses can grow. For instance, research shows that the 18,000 businesses involved in the Growth Accelerator programme are growing up to four times faster than the average SME.

If you happen to accommodate one or more of those firms in your business centre, that's not just good news for you. It's of vital importance to those clients to enable their business to expand, which means it's also positive news for local job creation and for your regional economy.

In short, hosting one of these events offers an exciting opportunity to help make 2015 bigger and better for you, the future of our industry, and the UK economy as a whole.

Interested? To apply to host one or more BCA Roadshows, please email or call 020 8387 5463 as soon as possible. We anticipate finalising all locations by Thursday 8th January 2015.

Remember, this opportunity is available exclusively to BCA Members. To find out more about becoming a member of the BCA, click here.

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