6 tips for your Social Media strategy

6 tips for your Social Media strategy

Social networking is now an area of marketing that is hard to ignore, people are talking about you and your competitors every day.  If you don’t engage your customers, your competitors will.

Ian Hughes from LHM Media recently spoke at the BCA regionals about how Social Media is changing the way we do business. The BCA asked Ian for his top tips for managing campaigns effectively.

Have a Plan:
There are now 1000’s of Social Media sites to explore, however choosing the right ones for your business is the way to go.  It is vital that your online strategy is well planned, especially if you start a dialogue with someone or a large network, it requires participation and a quick response.

Successful social media marketing campaigns involve as much listening as contribution.  Your followers need to see a real identity, understanding and added value before they give you something in return.

Be Transparent:
Having a commercial message for your network is the way forward, but it is just as important that you offer added value not attempting to make obvious sales directly or people will switch off.

Create Anticipation:
Use the opportunity of developing a community to build anticipation about your new products and services, your network will appreciate involvement in your new products and become loyal to your offering.

Decentralise Content:
Your online audience are hungry for information; a great way to use Social Media networks is to use what you already have.  Use your research, articles, adverts, promotions and submit them through your social networks, not just your official site and blog.

Track success:
There are many ways to measure the success of your social media platform, but Google Analytics is a recommended way to understand the effectiveness of your efforts. Giving you a complete insight in to how people are engaging with your online strategy.

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